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      • Purchasing Manager采購主管

        Purchasing Manager采購主管

        Position information Job Responsibilities: 1. Investigate, analyze and evaluate the target market, determine the needs and procurement opportunities, grasp the market situation of relevant materials, and conduct cost analysis of key raw materials, etc.; 2. Responsible for signing purchase contra...
      • Heat treatment worker熱處理工

        Heat treatment worker熱處理工

        Position information Job Responsibilities: 1. According to production schedule, familiar with heat treatment process; 2. Complete the production tasks assigned by the workshop supervisor with high efficiency and high quality, complete the work plan of the day, and fill in the inspection table of...
      • Overseas Sales Manager海外銷售經理

        Overseas Sales Manager海外銷售經理

        Position information 1. Responsible for the development, management, analysis, evaluation and optimization of foreign customers, and complete foreign sales tasks; 2. Responsible for establishing customer file system and managing, controlling, tracking and analyzing it; 3. Responsible for collect...
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