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    1. The best two group enterprises to win together — Hengxing and CP Group mechanical and Electrical team signed a strategic cooperation agreement

      The best two group enterprises to win together — Hengxing and CP Group mechanical and Electrical team signed a strategic cooperation agreement

      Views:252     Publish Time: 2022-02-15

      On the afternoon of February 12, in the conference room on the 16th floor of Hengxing building in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, Hengxing signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhengda Electromechanical, which marks the establishment of a long-term cooperative relationship between the two sides on the basis of common social responsibility and win-win cooperation, and jointly explore the road of industrial upgrading of mechanization, automation and intelligence in the agricultural, animal husbandry, aquatic and food industry. Chen Dan, chairman of Hengxing, Shao laimin, senior vice chairman of Zhengda Group in China, and leaders of relevant business departments of the company attended the signing ceremony.

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      Hengxing & Zhengda electromechanical reach strategic cooperation

      At the signing symposium, chairman Chen Dan warmly welcomed the arrival of Zhengda electromechanical team. Chairman Chen Dan said that Hengxing is positioned as a food enterprise and a supplier and service provider of chain catering and food material trading platform. Hengxing expands sales channels, makes full use of domestic and foreign resources, and makes every effort to create diversified food categories. Chairman Chen Dan pointed out that the cooperation between Hengxing and Zhengda can be traced back to the 1990s. The cooperation has a long history. It is hoped that the teams of both sides can have in-depth exchanges with each other and jointly discuss and establish normalized cooperation in the aspects of new projects such as Hengxing’s feed plant, food processing plant and breeding, the transformation of old workshops and the optimization of equipment, At the same time, we hope that Zhengda electromechanical will provide valuable experience and guidance for Hengxing transmission.

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      Speech by Chairman Chen Dan

      Shao laimin, senior vice chairman, said that the cooperation between Zhengda electromechanical and Hengxing is a long-term, back-to-back cooperation. Adhering to the business philosophy of benefiting the country, the people and the enterprise, Zhengda Electromechanical is committed to creating value for customers, adhering to the idea of giving priority to quality and putting interests first, so as to satisfy customers and make products stand the test of history. It is hoped that the cooperation with Hengxing is personal trust, team trust and business trust.

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      Speech by Shao laimin, senior vice chairman

      At the symposium, the two teams conducted warm and profound exchanges around production equipment, production technology, environmental protection treatment, product research and development, product sales channels and other aspects.

      Through the signing of this strategic cooperation, the two sides will complement each other’s advantages and accelerate the process of digital intelligence of Hengxing. At the same time, it will also drive the industrial upgrading of automation and intelligence of aquatic food industry and promote the development of digital intelligence of national modern agricultural construction.

      During this trip, Zhengda electromechanical team also visited Hengxing Yuehua feed factory, 863 seedling base and other places, and went deep into the workshop to understand the production equipment and environmental protection system.

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      Visit Yuehua feed factory

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      Exchange with 863 seedling base

      Chia Tai Electromechanical is an electromechanical equipment industry group under Chia Tai Group in Thailand. It is an international leading supplier of four in one overall solutions of “complete set of projects + electromechanical equipment + special vehicles + industrial digital intelligence”. The solutions provided by Zhengda electromechanical Co., Ltd. draw on the foreign high-end electromechanical product technology introduced by Zhengda Group for many years, combined with the 100 year production experience of Zhengda Group in agriculture, animal husbandry and food industry. In terms of feed plant construction, pig farm construction, chicken farm construction, shrimp farm construction, food factory construction, and agricultural and animal husbandry food logistics vehicles, it can help the mechanization and Automation and intelligent industry upgrading.

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